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  Exhibitor-sponsored Events Guidelines

AUA policy allows exhibiting companies, universities and non-profit organizations to host events during the AUA Annual Meeting, but limits when those events may take place. Entertainment, meetings or similar activities will not be permitted in hotel rooms or other private or public facilities during hours that conflict with AUA-sponsored events.

In this section, you will find important information about holding a satellite symposium or industry-sponsored event at the AUA Annual Meeting. Included is information about the types of events that may be held; announcements and invitations; approved speaker list; and overall guidelines for industry events.

We encourage you to take a look at all the information available in this section.

General Rules
The attached Industry-sponsored Events Form must be completed by any exhibitor or supporter who wishes to hold an event during the AUA Annual Meeting, Friday, May 18 through Thursday, May 24, 2007. Anyone involved in an Industry Event agrees to observe these guidelines. All exhibitors are ensuring that their company representatives and/or agents adhere to all guidelines as outlined.

If an event is found to have violated AUA policy, the sponsoring organization, the supporting organization and the organizer will be prohibited from holding an event the following year. The violation will further result in a loss of priority points for the exhibiting company.

Meeting Room Requests
The AUA will assign meeting space on a first-come, first-served basis beginning in January. Contracted hotels in Anaheim will not reserve meeting rooms or function space for anyone during the meeting dates without prior AUA approval. The AUA does not allow any company or organization to schedule educational symposia during the meeting. (AUA-approved Corporate Friday Satellite Symposia are permitted before the meeting.)

In order to obtain meeting space, all requests must be submitted via an Industry-sponsored Events Form. The deadline for requests for hotel meeting rooms is February 23 and the deadline for non-hotel events is March 23. Questions about meeting room requests may be directed to Kristin Foley at .

Permissible Educational Events
The AUA does not permit the development or implementation (in any media form) of symposia, educational activities or special programs supported by commercial firms, organizations, third-party firms or universities that are directed toward meeting attendees at any time during the annual meeting. Competing educational functions of any kind will not be allowed during the AUA Annual Meeting (Friday, May 18 through Thursday, May 24). The AUA reserves the right to attend all ancillary meetings without notice. Violators of this policy will jeopardize their ability to participate in future AUA annual meetings.

Corporate Friday Satellite Symposia: Strictly educational meetings that are CME accredited and offer a modest meal as defined by the American Medical Association guidelines are held on Friday, May 18. The AUA does not provide CME accreditation for these events; however CME accreditation through another ACCME provider is required. A support fee is attached to this event and additional benefits accompany this opportunity. To participate in this program, contact .

Industry Scientific Update: A limited number of slots maybe available for industry to discuss future trends in urology and/or conduct a users' group training session during approved times. For more information, contact .

Permissible Industry Events

Social Function: Receptions, dinners, etc. where there is no educational programming.

Focus Group Meetings: A meeting that includes less than 30 participants that is targeted to a specific group of attendees to obtain specific data. Always by invitation only and not open to all conference attendees.

Advisory Board/Investigator Meetings: A meeting for investigators, prospective investigators and industry representatives to network and share the latest scientific data on clinical trials. Always by invitation only and not open to all conference attendees. Attendance is limited to 50 participants - not all conference attendees.

Staff/Company Meetings: Limited to staff of the exhibiting company and may not include attendees.

Approved Times to Hold an Industry Event
No events can conflict with the AUA-sponsored functions or sessions, with the exception of small staff meetings. No industry events may occur on Sunday due to the AUA Welcoming Reception.

Approved times for industry events during the 2007 AUA Annual Meeting are Saturday, May 19; Monday, May 21; Tuesday, May 22; and Wednesday, May 23 starting at 7:30 pm (including transportation time).

Any changes in date, time or assigned space must be approved by the AUA prior to contacting the hotel. Applicants are responsible for providing the hotel with specifics with regard to room set up, audiovisual, guaranteed attendance and food and beverage requirements.

Speaker Presentation Guidelines
In an effort to eliminate conflicts of interest and allow full disclosure of industry relationships, all program moderators, course directors and plenary session presenters are prohibited from making personal presentations at any ancillary event or on the exhibit hall floor. For a complete list of faculty that are excluded from ancillary events and exhibit hall presentations, contact .

Promotional Materials
The AUA does not co-sponsor or jointly sponsor exhibitor programs. Announcements/invitations must clearly indicate the name(s) of the sponsor(s) and/or exhibitor(s). Proposed copy for announcements or invitations must be submitted to the AUA Corporate Relations Department for review prior to printing. Announcements and invitations may include the AUA Annual Meeting logo with prior written permission; forward promotional materials to Michelle Zinnert at .

Function Organizer Responsibilities
The organizer is responsible for all costs associated with the ancillary meeting, including food and beverage, meeting room rental, audio-visual, equipment service, music license fees, hotel labor costs, etc. Function organizers must use AUA-approved audio-visual and recording vendors. The function organizer will also take full responsibility for the event/meeting and will hold harmless the AUA, its officers, agents and employees from any and all liability associated with the ancillary meeting.